1st Step to Recovery    

Take care of your aches and pains.

A bit about me:

Sports Massage has been a prominent feature within my sporting career for many years. Albeit on the receiving end - as I have been playing hockey at a high level for over twenty seven years before diversifying into long distance competitive running - Marathons. In the last three years I have completed 10 marathons, from Manchester to New York. With this practical background I know first hand the benefits of a deep tissue massage In enhancing performance or on many occasions just 'piecing you back together'. As I have been a Qualified sports therapist for over four years, I am now able to combine the theory with a wealth of practical knowledge. I understand and can relate to the many frustrations of gaining an injury, and the urgency to put the damage right. Working also as a Hockey coach at Kings School Macclesfield and a former Head coach for Cheshire I have been able to see and correct many of the elements that lead to injury such as bad form and poor technique. I believe that sports massage is not only for the sport based athletes but also for individuals who experience high levels of stress, anxiety or pressure. I work with people who find a deep tissue massage particularly benfiticial after a days Manual labour. My clients range from Dentists to Plasterers together with individuals who simply have a tendency to fall asleep on the couch.